Return to work soon, let's see what Zhongjiang can do


Trend statistics of our employees

2) Do a good job of communication and docking with relevant government departments, understand the latest situation, policies and resumption requirements, and report the situation of the company to the corresponding departments in a timely manner.
3) Make epidemic prevention control plan and draw relevant monitoring and management account. This part can connect with the counterpart management department in time. Generally, the local management department has corresponding account, which can be used as soon as it is used to avoid repeated work. Pay more attention to network resource sharing for relevant information. For example, keyin media has a complete set of electronic document sharing of epidemic prevention emergency plan.
4) According to the local government's epidemic prevention and control policy, make the return arrangement notice with the staff. If centralized isolation or home isolation is needed, make explanation and communication, and understand the status of the staff in real time.
5) Determine the number of people who can return to work, their positions and the flow of follow-up workers, feed back to the boss and departments as soon as possible, and report to the government departments.
6) Release certificate for employees going to and from work: for the traffic control from road closure to village implemented in many places, release certificate shall be issued to the returning employees in advance, in case that the employees need to be on duty.
7) Coordinate the logistics support department to do a good job in the overall disinfection of the plant area before returning to work, and at the same time post the relevant epidemic prevention signs, epidemic prevention publicity materials, precautions, etc.
8) Pass handling: arrange the purchasing department, storage and transportation department to register the vehicles of suppliers, outsourcers and dispatchers, as well as the delivery workshop of the company with the local government department, and handle the provincial pass.
9) Isolation area: many local governments require enterprises to set up emergency medical isolation area, which can be selected as the isolation area after the site with low frequency of use in the factory is cleaned. In principle, independent unit dormitory, workshop floor and single building area are preferred.
Our company takes the independent expert reception building as the isolation area of the company
2. The purchasing department shall prepare materials

1) The original maintenance schedule for shutdown and start-up shall be renewed, equipment maintenance shall be deployed in advance, and printing machine installation arrangement shall be planned.
2) During the holiday, for the parts (including publishing machine, printing machine, polishing machine cots, cutter of Slitter, other molds and parts), contact the supplier to confirm the delivery plan, so as not to affect the normal return of the equipment.
3) If necessary, it can coordinate with the local management department to arrange the installation and maintenance in advance before the normal resumption of work, so as to ensure that the equipment can be put into production as soon as possible after the resumption of work.
6. The sales department should do a good job in business follow-up and feedback
1) Feedback the company's resumption, progress, estimated order capacity and delivery period to customers as soon as possible after resumption, and coordinate the latest plan of stock orders.
2) In particular, the export orders shall be well explained to the customers with due diligence, and the follow-up corresponding schemes shall be actively provided.
3) If the enterprise is really unable to deliver the overseas orders on time due to the epidemic situation and faces huge losses, it may apply to the local international trade department to issue a certificate of force majeure.
4) Sales personnel should actively understand the situation of downstream customers' industrial chain, analyze market influencing factors, and strive for potential market while reviewing their sales plans and objectives at the beginning of the year.


Do it every day after returning to work



1. Incoming temperature test, mask distribution, alcohol disinfection (twice a day)
Confirm the safety and health measures of the canteen. The canteen staff must carry out the health examination and temperature measurement and keep the test records every day before taking the post. During the operation, they shall be equipped with masks, protective shoes and other necessary protective equipment.
The person in charge shall check the food supply every day. It is forbidden to purchase live poultry and fish meat without slaughter and quarantine and to provide lettuce.
The tableware is sterilized by high temperature steam, the processing link is strictly separated from raw and cooked, and the food sample is kept in accordance with the regulations.
The canteen implements a separate meal system, and the tableware is uniformly distributed by the service personnel, and it is forbidden to take tableware by yourself; the canteen staff takes dishes by separate meals.
When dining, employees should sit in the same direction as much as possible, with a certain distance between them, and avoid talking during the dining process.





2) Wash your hands frequently! Wash your hands frequently! Wash your hands frequently!
To monitor the temperature of the non returning workers in the dormitory every day to ensure their daily life.
The isolation personnel at home shall report their physical condition every day, and do a good job in the monitoring account.
Personnel who fail to return shall report the way and time of return in time, connect with local traffic conditions, and make real-time statistics and update trends.
3) Other related parties (including suppliers, logistics, business outsourcing, dispatchers)
4) In the case of shortage of manpower for many production equipment, if it is necessary to arrange employees to change machines for operation, it is necessary to have professional personnel to strengthen training and guidance, and the captain should pay more attention to prevent quality accidents or safety accidents caused by the unfamiliar operation of machines.






In this difficult and special period, the heads of all departments, especially departments, should give full play to the leadership of their supervisors, strengthen the communication and cooperation of all departments, so as to work together to overcome difficulties, win the current virus battle, and win the battle of survival of the coming enterprise!
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