The introduction of copperplate paper

1、 Printability and design points of copperplate paper

Due to the good printability and physical properties of the coated paper, designers can boldly use high-precision screen wire to express images. Copperplate paper is often used for high-level samples, posters, book covers, trademark printing of various commodities (such as cans, beverage bottles, wine bottles, etc.); it is also commonly used for packaging of high-level candy, food, chocolate, cigarettes, soap, etc.; it can also be used for veneering of various high-level cartons and paper boxes. However, the copper plate paper with low ration should be selected, generally no more than 105g / m2.

There are two kinds of copperplate paper: glossy copperplate paper and matte copperplate paper. Attention should be paid to the design: glossy copper plate paper is more suitable for the performance of images that require bright colors and bright colors, while matte copper plate paper is more suitable for the performance of noble and elegant or heavy samples due to its soft luster.

2、 Printability and design points of light weight coated paper

When using light coated paper as printing paper, we should pay attention to using bright and bright color blocks as much as possible in the design, rather than designing large areas of color blocks with low lightness. For example, magenta and cyan are large areas of blue in the field, so it is not appropriate to have other colors on this color block.

Light coated paper is generally not suitable for post press processing because of its low weight, thin paper and poor stiffness. Design should also pay attention to avoid printing gold, silver, pearlescent ink.

3、 Printability and design points of adhesive paper

Self adhesive paper consists of three parts: surface base material, adhesive and base paper. Paper surface substrate types are divided into offset paper; coated paper; glass cardboard; foil paper.

Choose self-adhesive paper as substrate, its visual characteristics can be selected according to the paper surface substrate. Offset paper is generally used for printing text or simple color blocks, which is cheap. The coated paper or cellophane adhesive can be used in high-grade color printing, especially cellophane adhesive has mirror vision effect, good smoothness and glossiness.

Special effect is needed. Foil adhesive is optional. This kind of adhesive is covered with thin aluminum foil on the paper with high smoothness. There are gold and silver, and there are two kinds of gloss, light or not.

4、 Printability and design points of offset paper

Offset paper is divided into high-grade and medium grade.

In the design of high-grade offset paper, it can be applied to the color images with rich printing layers and large ink volume.

When the offset paper is applied to high-grade envelopes and letters, it is better than the copperplate paper in one way, that is, the hand feel of writing is obviously better than that of copperplate paper, and the ink is easy to dry.

Medium grade offset paper is a good choice for printing the text of books and periodicals, especially for printing the instructions of some household appliances. Because the text is mainly text, it is more atmospheric to use offset paper than writing paper.

5、 Printability and design points of kraft paper

Kraft paper is a high-grade packaging paper, widely used. Most of them are used for packing industrial products, such as packing cotton, wool, silk fabrics, wool, hardware and electrical products, instruments, etc. It can also be used to process sandpaper, archival paper, files, paper bags, envelopes, etc. It can also be used in the hanging of paperboard.

Kraft paper from the appearance of single side light, double-sided light, striped and non striped varieties. Generally, kraft paper is yellowish brown, but there are also color kraft paper and white kraft paper.
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