The rise and fall of printing industry

Recently, in the daily supervision of Wenjindu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, it was found that the product model printed on the outer packing carton and inner packing color box of a batch of new export lamps and lanterns of an enterprise was inconsistent with the product model in the contract. The bureau pointed out problems to enterprises and helped them to rectify in time, avoiding losses of nearly one million dollars.

Product model refers to the number used to identify products. It is one of the marks that distinguish a product from other products and an important part of the product traceability system. Product models are often composed of letters and numbers, each letter or number represents product information such as structure, function, voltage, appearance, etc. Once a certain letter or number is missing, it may lead to the wrong interpretation of the product information and cause a series of problems.

This may lead to a series of vicious chain reactions: first, customers attribute it to the inconsistency between products and orders, resulting in product recall and international claim events; second, causing customers to doubt the product quality assurance ability of enterprises, thus affecting the signing of subsequent orders; third, affecting the reputation of made in China. This error is likely to cause consumers to think that the quality of products made in China is poor, which will affect China's foreign trade exports.

For this reason, the inspection and quarantine department reminds the relevant enterprises: first, firmly establish the awareness of the enterprise as the person responsible for quality, strengthen the quality control of products, and ensure the quality of export products; second, pay attention to the details of products, product packaging and other important parts of the quality of enterprises, and do not suffer "big losses" due to "small details"; third, improve the quality of products in the process of design, production and packaging The quality awareness of the operators shall be strengthened to check the quality and safety of the products; the fourth is to strengthen the communication with the inspection and quarantine department, with the help of the technical platform of inspection and quarantine, to find and rectify the loopholes in the production process in time, so as to ensure the production of qualified products.
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